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About Us

Simplify Pool Maintenance with Our Expert Services

Sky Blue Pools Inc. is based in North Richland Hills, centrally located in North East Tarrant County. We provide weekly service, new equipment installation, complete pool/spa remodeling, and new construction, pools/spas, patios, outdoor kitchens, and overhead structure. We do this while giving you complete customer satisfaction.

Sky Blue Pools, Inc. has successfully designed and constructed hundreds of new pool projects. We have serviced, repaired and remodeled pools for thousands of customers. We proudly provide weekly service for over 250 customers a week.
We understand that you have a choice when it comes to service or repair of your pool or spa. This is why we give you complete customer satisfaction in everything we do. We at Sky Blue Pool Service want you to Enjoy Your fun in the sun!
Our Team

We are a dream team!

Talent drives the business of Sky Blue Pool Service when fused with the commitment to providing superior service. An organization is only as good as its people, and at Sky Blue Pool Service, we recognize that fact. That’s why we make it our mission to provide superior service with a commitment and respect for customers and employees. Our employees play a key role in growing the company and its profits. Therefore, it’s our job to ensure we have the best tools in place to build strong performers and retain the best talent.
Our Team

Keys to Success

  • We value hard work, combined with honesty and integrity.
  • We value quality that must be readily recognizable in all of the products we deliver.
  • We value teamwork and the entrepreneurial spirit.
  • We value the family, recognizing the challenges we face in our modern world.
  • We value the power of recognition, which celebrates the accomplishments of others.
  • We value profitability, which assures the future for our customers and ourselves.
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Our Professional Expert

Work Process

How it Work Processing

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Initial Consultation

We begin by understanding your specific pool needs and gathering essential information.


Regular Cleaning

Our certified technicians perform routine pool cleaning and skimming. This includes removing debris.


Water Analysis

This involves adjusting pH, alkalinity, and chlorine levels to maintain a safe and comfortable swimming.


Equipment Inspection

We inspect critical pool equipment, including pumps, motors, heaters, and filters, to ensure everything.